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ANT – Computer-controlled loudspeaker measurement system for directivity measurements

ANT Turntable

The ANT is a high-torque, ultra-flat turntable for automated loudspeaker measurements in combination with e.g. the measurement software WinMF.
The turntable can stand weights up to 1000 kg (50 times its body weight) with a repeatability of the rotation below 0.1 degrees. To target a floor mounted microphone, the ANT can be tilted up to 4° using an optionally available accessory.
Due to the compact integration of the heavy-duty ball bearing into the worm gear, the minimum height of the ANT is just about 80mm.
The ANT is connected via RS485 and USB adapter to a personal computer or laptop.

Download a leaflet for an overview here
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Technical Data

Turntable        RS485
Computer    USB 2.0
Power Supply    90-132 / 187-264 VAC
     47 – 63 Hz
Output Shaft
Max. Driving Torque    250 Nm
Max. Plate Speed    2 rpm
repeatability    0.1°
Mechanical Loads
Max. Vertical Load    1000 kg
Max. Radial Load    1000 kg
Max. Bending Torque    2000 Nm
Max. Tilting Angle    4° (with opt. accessory)
Min. Height    80 mm
W x L x H    300 × 495 × 80 mm


  • accessory to tilt the ANT up to 4°
  • desktop PC with measuring hardware and installed software