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ELF – Computer-controlled 3D loudspeaker measurement system for balloon measurements

ELF Animation, Photo: Thomas Streit

EASE Balloon example

With our ELF, balloon measurements of loudspeakers are made easy. Define a 3D raster to be scanned and the ELF measures the loudspeaker transfer functions for all desired directions. It was designed for heavy duty and high precision. It can bear loudspeakers with a weight up to 100 kg.
The measured data can be exported to various formats (see below) and can be processed to calculate and visualize balloons.
The ELF is controlled via a serial interface, thus, integration in your own measuring software is easy.

Download our flyer for an overview here

Technical Data

  • 100 kg maximum loudspeaker weight
  • 1.5 m maximum loudspeaker dimension
  • any microphone distance in full anechoic rooms
  • high precision drive unit, less than 0.27° backlash
  • torque limitation at 200 Nm per axis
  • 1° resolution
  • weight: 80 kg


  • emergency stop switch
  • heavy duty but of delicate structure
    • influence on sound field is minimized
  • fully integrated in WinMF measuring software and EASERA
  • DLL available, to be integrated e.g. in C/C++/VB/Matlab
  • laser pointer integrated in the vertical axis to precisely determine the microphone position
  • standard data formats can be generated from measured raw data, e.g.
    • EASE
    • Ulysses
    • CLF
    • EASE Speaker Lab GLL
      (data conversion might require third party software)


  • desktop PC with measuring hardware and installed software