Slogan: sound technology

    Measurement System Monkey Forest

    Monkey Forest is an all-purpose DOS-based measurement system for audio and acoustics. Together with an RME Multiface II or a Digiface, measurements of all kinds of electric gear like amplifiers, controllers, etc. can be carried out.

    Our frontend ROBO3 provides microphone preamps and power amps to carry out 2-channel room-acoustic or loudspeaker measurements. Input and output gains as well as different modes for calibration, reference and impedance measurements can be remote controlled by the software.


    • All purpose DOS measurement system for audio and acoustics
    • RME Multiface with 24Bit/96kHz 8 channel analog I/O, 8 channel ADAT and 2 channel AES/EBU
    • 2 channel signal conditioner frontend with phantom power, adjustable gain in 20 dB steps, 2 × 20W power amp and shunt resistors for impedance measurements
    • Remote controllable from PC
    • Customizable excitation signals (impulses, MLS, noise, sweeps) with arbitrary spectral distribution
    • Extremely fast processing and rendering
    • Room acoustic analysis
    • STI measurement and evaluation
    • FIR and IIR filter calculations
    • Measurement of polar diagrams
    • Turntable for balloon measurements (ELF) available
    • Post-processing tools for generating EASE balloons, including phase, angular resolution 1, frequency resolution 0.7 Hz


    Microphone calibration
    Building excitation signals
    Measurements with sweep signals