Slogan: sound technology

Measurement System WinMF

WinMF is a universal audio- und acoustic measurement system for Win7 / 8 / 10 32/64 bit. It supports all common ASIO soundcards, so that a wide choice of interfaces for measurements is offered. For precise measurements at audio electronics and loudspeakers the remote controlled ROBO3 preamp and audio interface is implemented in WinMF:

The ROBO3 provides microphone preamps and power amps to carry out 2-channel room-acoustic or loudspeaker measurements. Input and output gains as well as different modes for calibration, reference and impedance measurements can be remote controlled by the software.


  • All purpose measurement system for audio, acoustics and quality control in production
  • Support of ASIO interfaces
  • Support of Robo3 and Robo2: 2 channel signal conditioner frontend with phantom power, remote controlled gain in 20 dB steps, 2 × 20W power amp and shunt resistors for impedance measurements
  • Customizable excitation signals (impulses, noise, sweeps, multisine) with arbitrary spectral distribution
  • Fast processing and rendering
  • Room acoustic analysis
  • STI measurement and evaluation
  • FIR and IIR filter calculations
  • Measurement of polar diagrams and isobars
  • Calculation of spectrograms
  • Macrorecorder
  • Comprehensive functions for quality control in the production
  • All common turntables for directivity measurements are supported
  • Robots für balloon measurements (ELF1 und ELF2)
  • Measurement of EASE balloons including phase, angular resolution 1°, frequency resolution 0.7 Hz (rawdata as *.spk)


  • Documentation und online help: WinMF